Every time I tried to start a company or a project, I needed an email to associate email to us. Setting up a full mail suite requires time, effort and commitment. I just need a very easy and intuitive way with a few clicks to give me ability of receiving email to my domain.

On the other hand, it’s great to have email tailored to our name or our personal identity instead of trying to be creative for an email address that is still available on a public service like Gmail.

Using your own domain also gives you a short and easy way to remember the email address.

I built hanami.run so that everyone can have an email address with their own domain name.

But email is hard, and running your own mail server is not a quick job. We can use a public and expensive service like GSuite and we still have to deal with their bloated UI given they have to support too many different use cases and their target is the enteprise customer.

I built hanami to give you an easy solution, just a few click and within seconds you should be able to see email hit your domains.


At our core, Hanami is an email forwarding service. We aim to have better visibility into what happens with your emails, why emails won’t deliver, fast delivery time and building workflow around email with webhook.

For example, our dev channel is built with our API.

On top of that, we know that receiving email is half of problem, people want to send out email from their own domain too, so we also offer SMTP services.

The future

At the same time, we like to make email more fun. We are commited to build tools that help you process email easily. Your banks don’t have an API to help you build a real-time activity tracker? Just use email.

Want to have comment on a static site? Just send an email.

Stay tuned while we build and open source those components.

With that being said, let’s give hanami a try to have a unique email address powered by your very own domain.