Hello I'm Vinh

I'm the founder, janitor, customer support, engineer, designer, office manager, plumber, chief Bug officer of Mailwip

No one wants to let their emails be handled by a stranger from the Internet. Thus we will be very clear about who runs Mailwip.

Mailwip is founded by Vinh, who is also the founder of Opty, A DevOps consulting service. Besides running Mailwip, I also run BetterDev, A weekly newsletter that aims to help you become a better developer. I write about programming at axcoto.com and contribute to open source software on Github frequently.

We are a team of 3 working across 2 time zones to make email forwarding faster, easier and fun.

Years of doing DevOps make us realize that there is a need for an easier way to receive email from our own domain. We want to enable everyone to have an email account with their own domain, instead of relying on services such as gmail.com. Because we cannot control domain gmail.com, but we are in-full control of our own domain. Your own domain becomes a proxy to your personal email. The domain never changes. You can freely switch your personal email to any email provider. Plus, when owning the domain, you can make short and easy to remember email addresses.

Not just email forwarding, we think that email is a great user interface or protocol to interact with any service. "Send to kindle" is an example. By simply sending your book to a Kindle’s address, your book magically showed up on the Kindle. No web page. No login. No upload form. A simple email in which you can send from anywhere. We like that magic and we want to bring it to everyone using Mailwip’s webhook.

At the same time, we wanted to create a service that focuses on privacy. Like in Mathew 7:12, we want to treat people how we want others to treat us. We value everyone's privacy and wanted to build a service that honors that.

If you have any comment or feature suggestion, please feel free to reach out to us at support@mailwip.com or chat with us using the live chat in our dashboard.