Our changelogs


We finish our domain transition to mailwip.com and also release a new feature to bulk create many alias at a time. Read more about it in our blog post.

  • Support bulk alias import

Happy new year everyone. We fixed a bug in our SPF instruction where the copy data is different from the displayed one Thanks to Sergi

  • Docs update
  • Clippoard corrected for SPF record

One of use case of email forwarding is to have unlimited alias and hide your real email so no one can spam you. When a service started to send you to many emails, you can blackhole an alias to stop receiving email on that. Recently, we rolled out sieve filter so advanced user can write sieve filter to drop spam. Currently, the sieve filter is limited and only support spam definition

  • Simple Sieve Filter
  • Typo
  • Docs improve
  • Started some mailwip.com migration

We have been accidently forward email twice

  • Fix duplicate email forward.

Tweak alias API

  • Support alias removing with the API

Bug fix

  • Fix bug when viewing email with invalid character will crash the page

Up until now, the destination email in an alias rule is static. But what happen if you want to do dynamic forwarding? Such as simply change the domain by keep the same email address. We support that now with a simple `*@domain.com` in the destination.

  • Use `*` in destination alias.

We have onboard a few users that were superfulp and give userful feedback and point out the bug and error in the system. Much thanks to Filippo for many bugs reporting. Much thanks to Daren for all the works to help correct the typo and grammar. Customers like you made the service survive.

  • Fix log retention to not accept negative number
  • Support delete maillog
  • Support only log spam email
  • Make error message more clear when adding invalid alias data
  • Fix "Back" button on maillog/inbox to go back to previous page probably instead of going back to the first page of inbox/maillog
  • Fix pagination button when having no data on maillog
  • Grammar issues in dashboard

We rework our webhook log viewer so you can load more responses now. It has only last 20 requests limit before.

  • Fix webhook matching logic.
  • Support "load more" webhook response, remove 20 last requests restriction

Up until now, to debug email delivery an user has to navigate through the maillog or inbox page by page. Today we release a search functionality to make filtering out email easiser. Head to maillog or Inbox simply enter a term in the search box to find all email has from/to/subject contains that query.


Big release that let Mailwip talk to Cloudflare API use your API key and can help you manage/update DNS record easiser. Read <%= link_to t("our document to activate this feature"), "/" %>

  • Automatically configure Cloudflare DNS

Mailwip power is its frienly UI/UX to manage multiple domains at a time. We release a few updates to make this easiser for users with lots of domains.

  • support bulk update for catch-all destionations
  • improve dns scan
  • expose UI to refresh DNS for all domains immediately

Improve our UI to make it more consistent among pages/screens. Also, to guarantee a best experience we added a safe-guard to only allow generate SMTP credential once DKIM is configured.

  • make it easiser to delete domain
  • add ability to disable/enable SMTP credential
  • fix a few race condition when multiple process update user object

Make it easy to delete all domains that are missing DNS(in not ready status) with one click. It's very useful for users with many domains and don't want to delete expired domains one by one.


Beta support for IMAP is rolled out. We're actively improve it but it's one more steps to make email forward easiser for our user.

  • Add IMAP
  • Fix favicon not loading for a few user
  • Prevent free domain(.tk, .cf) from using mailwip

At Mailwip, we move fast and focus more on the email forwarding side to make our core feature which is email forwarding super fast and amazing. Due to the size of our team, we didn't have time to focus on the accounting aspect of the site. For awhile, we didn't have the ability to view invoices directly in the dashboard. We usually email the receipt to our user but they cannot view it in dashboard. We now support exactly that so our customers can view/download/print their invoices . Head over to Mailwip dashboard to see your invoice

  • Add ability to view invoice

We already supported bulk import but if user has many domains, we don't have a way to do batch delete yet. Our users have to rely on the API to delete domains. We hear you, and add ability to do batch delete domains right from our UI

  • Bulk delete and bulk update domains
  • Performance improve

We made maillog way faster like 10x faster. No longer have to wait a few seconds. it should load immediately

  • Performance improve
  • Better error handling in a few pages

Big day for our API users. We address a pain point of customers with lots of email and have to manually delete them one by one. We made this easiser for you now with a single API call to remove domains from your account.


Big Release for users that leverage our maillog/inbox. We make it faster, easiser, and better.

  • Ability to force forward an email that flag as spam
  • Generate EML file for users who enable maillog to view raw mail
  • Re-design maillog page for faster browsering
  • Fix mail viewer where base64 email fail to load

Big release. We supports API to manage alias now so you can dynamically provision an Inbox. Head to our api docs for detail. Web Reply are available to pro/business user now.

  • Fix button clickable in maillog and inbox. Thanks Kevin Barry
  • Release web reply
  • Webhook fanout exponential retry up to 10 times.
  • Alert user when they have mixed MX records

We rolled out MFA to protect your account with another layer of security. Head to your profile > Security > Enable MFA to activate this feature.

  • MFA
  • Some improvement to performance of our mail server.
  • Add new mail server (way3.mailwip.com) to scale our systems.

We release our first API endpoint. You can now literally fetch your email with a REST API using `curl` :-)

  • API access
  • Some improvement to performance of our mail server.
  • URL redirection for your domain

We release Inbox, a place to view maillog for all of your domains.

  • Inbox: a combination view of emails on all of your domains
  • Log outgoing email (users have to opted in to use this feature)

Fine grain control of log level on maillog. You now can chooese what to log: meta data, subject and body of email. Refer to our email forwarding log

  • Mail log level
  • Improve performance and spam filtering.
  • Add search bar and paginations for users who has more than 50 domains

We release a small tools to help our customers check their DNS record(MX/SPF easier). We plan to release more of those small utils for free. This helps to check DNS to make sure email forwarding is properly setup.


We roll out Emoji domains a few days ago and at first we have to use punycode to enter. That's fixed now. Long live emoji. Now you can forward email from emoji domain.

  • Allow adding Emoji domain directly without using punnycode
  • Support inline favicon: base64 data or svg inline

Consistenly order alias chronologically to help customer with a lot of alias sort through them easier

  • Sort alias by asc chronological order

Improve webhook integration.

  • Regex matching
  • Attach a new `email` field with the whole document. Check out webhook docs
  • Sending raw source
  • Disable gzip

Add DKIM Signing for SMTP

  • Support DKIM for SMTP

SMTP server is release. Our user can send out email using Mailwip smtp server for faster delivery and get rid of the ugly "Via mailwip.com" text in gmail.

  • SMTP Server.

Emails are hard. An email can be plain text, html, utf8, base64, multile parts, each part with different encoding...That's why we're to serve you :-).

  • Fix some bug in our mail decoding code.

We release a free service to show of our webhook feature at pix.fastloop.xyz. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

  • Improve performance for mail log page by rewriting an unoptimization query.
  • Release demo of webhook at pix.fastloop.xyz

Added email notification to let us know once a domain is ready. MX records usually have high TTL and take a bit long for DNS propagation to be done. We added an email notification to let our customers know once a domain is ready in order to save them a round trip to our dashboard to check on the domain status.

  • Added email notification once DNS records(MX, TXT) are effective.
  • Auto confirmation once users added the first domain.

A few beta testers love webhook. Before this, every email triggers webhooks but a few users said they only wanted to fire webhooks for a specific email address. So we added that. We can filter out what email will hit webhook. Try it out and let us know how you think.

  • Fire webhook only for email that match the target email.
  • Improve UI/UX to edit HTTP headers in webhook request.
  • Improve/Fix grammar for outs docs, terms, policy page.

At Mailwip, we think email should be fun. Thus we introduced webhook feature. Every time we receive an email, we parse the email into a nice JSON document, and post to your webhook HTTP endpoins. What can you do with it? Well, how about "Sending an email to turn on your light?". Not a practical usage, but hey, it's fun. Let us know what you come up with for webhook usage. For us, we are using this webhook to power a comment system which we will soon release to the world.

  • Add incoming webhook feature.

This is where we start adding changelog. However, our system has been used since November 2020. This is because we gotta start from somewhere, and when we started building this, we focused on other aspects and didn’t have time for changelog.

  • Restyle a few dashboard: re-design our layout, menu, tables to make it easier for user to navigate around and manage domains, alias
  • Support pause incoming email. This effectively silently drop email, so you can use it to avoid receiving email from a certain domain
  • Add FAQ/Docs to clarify billing, hosting provider, our privacy policy