If you have any questions that we didn't answer here, feel free to reach out to us at support@mailwip.com.


Where, in the world, is this service hosted and who is the provider?

We are hosted in Finland and Germany at http://hetzner.com/. Our servers run across 3 locations: Falkenstein, Helsinki and Nuremberg.

Where is the company located?

We are located in sunny San Jose, California. Visit us if you are in the area, the coffee is on us. Shot us an email at support@hanami.run before your visit.

What company is handling the financial transactions?

We're using Stripe currently

My test emails are not showing

If you are using Gmail and send a test email to yourself, Gmail will not show it because the email is essentially the same when going through forwarding loop. Instead, use other email address to test or click on our Test button on dashboard to send a test email to yourself

Do you store my emails?

We don't store email by default, and we never read your email. However, we do have an option for you to enable Mail Log. Once Mail Log is enabled, we will start storing email and encrypting it in our database. Some users have asked us for this feature to help with debugging mail delivery and web hook.

Do you read my emails?

We **NEVER** read your email. We want to build this platform bigger and don't want to lose trust or our reputation. When you store emails on our platform, if you asked us to debug something, we may see your email but it's because we're in a debug session with you. We will **NEVER EVER** read your email.

How do you deal with spam?

We look into SPF/DKIM headers to ensure email is valid. We check if the IP address exists on any IP blacklists. We also have some simple machine learning to detect spam. Once we're 100% sure the email is spam. We won't deliver it at all.

I added TXT record for SPF, but your system couln't detect it

If you have a CNAME record on your domain, then the TXT record is dismissed. It's a DNS Standard. You would need to migrate your CNAME to A records.

I added/changed MX records, but your system couln't detect it

MX records usually has a long TTL, give it some more time.

Can I use sub domain for my email

Absolutely. Simply enter your sub domain into our system. Such as `mail.yourdomain.com`. When configuring MX/TXT record, make sure to type `mail` instead of `@` in your hostname in your domain registrar dashboard. In fact, we encourage the usage of sub domain such as qa.mail.your-own-domain.com ops.mail.your-own-domain.com. It's much more secure to create a separate system like that for mails among departments or application environments. Check [out doc on using sub domain](https://hanami.run/docs/configure_dns#subdomain)

What exact information do you log when receiving an email?

Once we receive an email, we use certain methods to detect whether it's from a spammer. If it isn't, then we flush email to our mail sending agent. We don't store anything. Unless you enable `Mail Log`, which is disabled by default, we will store the mail log for your debugging purpose. We store full email content for your debugging purpose. However, once we detect an email is spam, we log two meta data of the email which are origin ip address and sender address. We use this to help improve our spam filtering.

can i delete my data

yes, once you cancel your account, all data is deleted for good, as in, we really delete your data, not just mark for deletion or soft-delete. the data removal process happens in the background, so once you click “remove”, it may take a few minutes to have the system pick up the delete command and destroy your data for good.

Why do you filter out spam

The purpose of spam filtering isn't to make sure we forward legitimate emails and keep our IP reputation in a good condition. When we're forwarding email, gmail/hotmail etc consider us a source of spam if we mistakenly forward spam emails. Therefore we have our own spam filtering to weed out bad email. If your email is legitimate but being mark as spam in our maillog, reach out to support@hanami.run. Usually email that aren't follow best practice such as invalid SPF/DKIM, mixed charset, or include executable attachments will be flagged as spam by gmail/hotmail anyway


When you start charge my card

We charge your card on the first day that your subscription is active (after the trial period). Then we charged on the same day next month moving forward.

Will you refund when I downgrade the plan

Once you downgrade the plan, please reach out to billing@hanami.run to initiate a prorated refund.

What cards are you accepts

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express.

Do you take crypto as payment?

Yes, please contact us at billing@hanami.run and we will let you know where to send your payment to.

Do you have bulk discount payment?

We offer a bulk discount when you make a payment for a whole year or 3 years term. We can offer the discount amount because we save on transaction fees when processing fewer transactions.