Send email using Mailwip SMTP server

Once we forward emails to your personal inbox, by default when you reply to that email, the receiver will see your personal email address, not the alias with your own domain. To make the reply address "FROM" to the alias on your domain, we need a SMTP server.

Mailwip's customers who are on Professional and Business plan can access to this feature. The process invokes 2 steps.

  1. Generate SMTP Credential
  2. Configure your mail client to use this SMTP Credential for sending out email through your own domain

SMTP Logging

Note that email sent through our SMTP service are always being logged regardless of your logging setting.

Generate SMTP Credential

Head over to your Domain configure page and click on "SMTP/Sending" tab.

Create an SMTP account, and take note of the password(the password is automatically generated for you) and you can access this page to view the password again. This SMTP password isn't the password you used to login to Mailwip website.

Configure your email client

Using gmail web ui
Using Mac Mail app

Using gmail

For the demonstration purpose, we will assume the domain we are acting on is Replace this with your real domain and credentials
Now, Go to gmail setting at and go to "Send mail as" section:
Click on "Add another email address".
Enter your name and your smtp account, you have to Uncheck "Treat as an alias" then click "Next steps":
In next screen, Clear out any pre-fill data and enter server info as below:

  • SMTP Server
  • Username: Your smtp full username. In my case it's
  • Password: The smtp password that Mailwip generated for you in steps 1

Click "Add Account". You will see this screen next.
Check your email and enter the confirmation code, then click "Verify" and you're done

Now when sending out email, gmail will give you option to pick the "From address" like this: