Configure DNS

Once you add a domain into our system,the next step is to configure MX and SPF records. We have documens dedicated to each of DNS/Domain providers

CloudFlare Email Forwarding

AWS Route53 Email Forwarding

User other provider, follow below general instruction

1. Configure MX record

You will need to set MX records of your domain to:


Example, here we have a domain called and this is how the DNS configuration looks like on cloudflare.

Another example shows how we configure DNS record for a domain on

2. Configure SPF record

SPF record is a TXT record with spf prefix. You will need to add a TXT record with below value:

        v=spf1 ~all

If you already had an existing SPF record, such as you already configure it to with Amazon SES or SendGrid, you just need to insert this right after `v=spf1` like this:

    v=spf1  your-existing-spf-record-go-here

As long as this string appears inside the TXT record of `v=spf1...`, we're good. Our system also helps by detecting your existings SPF record and suggest the right change.