Hanami is rebranding to Mailwip, more detail here. Our existing customers don't have to do anything, every configs stay same. Only website address is changed to mailwip.com

API Access

Mailwip REST API


Root API URL: https://api.mailwip.com
Resources URl are computed from this root api url. Before making an API Request, you would need to get an API key and authenticate with our api server.
Below are list of API endpoint we currently support together with their detail documents.

Get emails


All API requests has to pass an apikey parameter in the request header or as a request params. An example request in curl will looks like this:

  curl 'https://api.mailwip.com/v1/mails?limit=10' \
  --header 'apikey: [yourapikey]'

To generate API key, go to API management. It's a menu under your Profile.


We support pagination with 2 parameters.

  • limit: How many items to return in this API call. The max is 100. 20 by default.
  • before: Fetch resources that is before a particular ID. Example you make a request to fetch an email, we will return a list of documents. And the last document id is 1000. Then you can go to next page by fetching document before 1000 with ?before=1000
  • after: Similar to before but allow you to go to previous page.