Hanami is rebranding to Mailwip, more detail here. Our existing customers don't have to do anything, every configs stay same. Only website address is changed to mailwip.com

Are you reading my emails

No, absolutely not

We want to grow this project and I myself want it to be sustansible for my living. I never want to engage in any action that violate our user privacy and lost my repuration.
Checking our blog you can see we're legitimate people who want to build a premium SaaS on email forwarding, not by selling personal data or email data.

By default, an email come in, stay in a temporary buffer to be forward out and once succesfully forward out, the email is completed destroy and we don't even know about its existence.

If you enable maillog(disabled by default), or webhook, then we have to store the email to be retrieve later. In those cases, unless we're working with you in a debug session, we'll never read your email.
When debuging, if an email is wrongly flag as spam from your point of view, we will check its metadata(from, sender, origin ip) to see why an email is flagged as spam but we will neve read the body of the email. On top of that, you can also control the level of logging depend on your privacy sensitivity.
No matter how reliable a service is, it has time where we forward email out but the destination server decided to reject the email. In those case, maillog could be helpful to troubleshoot delivery issue or you can also access it with IMAP or a REST api